Recently I directed and co-designed with Stoke Studios the first ever printed Lookbook for Janji running apparel. Vol. 1 showcases the Fall/Winter 2016 Line, which was shot at three major locations in Kenya (Where I also directed the photography on location). Each location sits at three unique elevations, which inspired three distinct apparel collections within the season. This book has been distributed through Janji's retail channels as well as mailed directly to Janji's core consumers.

This Book was a huge step in further communicating Janji's new #Runventure Strategy, using running as a way of exploring the world. 

I fully strategized, designed, and directed all the development and UI/UX of Janji's new website. I also wrote all the copy as well as directed all of the e-commerce photography used on the site. I developed and designed custom illustration iconography that coincides with Janji's brand values.  You can view the site in full here at

Over the past year as Janji's Creative Director, I've strongly repositioned Janji's brand as a globally conscious, adventurous, and stylish running apparel company. I've re-tailored all aspects of Janji's brand strategy, and polished the lens that consumers look through when viewing any and all of Janji's communication channels. Janji's new strategy and design has pushed sales, increased social following, and strengthened and solidified the brand as a major player within the fitness space.   


I founded the headwear brand Stede Threads. What initially began as a way to avoid throwing out my old skateboard decks, the idea grew into a fully fledged brand committed to sustainability and community building through skateboarding. Focusing on headwear, Stede used a unique manufacturing process to repurpose beat up skate decks and give them new life. Stede kept skateboarding on your mind, quite literally. Here are some videos that I directed to present the brand to both consumers and potential investors. They were produced by the the talented videographer Anthony Cotte. Stede took second place at Emerson College's E3 Entrepreneurial Conference, was featured in some prominent local publications, and sold through a variety of channels.

I strategized, created, and directed all aspects of the brand from ideation phase through bringing it to market. Stede is no longer a full time pursuit, but it live

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