Taking on the role as Janji’s Marketing Director, I wore many hats. Most importantly, I re-shaped then controlled all aspects of Janji’s brand direction. I developed brand strategy that not only trickled down into the brand voice and design style, but into the way the product became to be fundamentally designed & developed as well. 

In my time in house with Janji, I strategically shifted the entire brand to a running apparel company for adventure.  I built stronger relationships between the gear that Janji makes and the countries the company supports through its clean water initiatives. I helped craft tangible communication channels driven by real content from each location. I built a brand that people could connect with, travel with, and give back with.

I strategized, designed, directed, managed, and launched successful campaigns centered around #Runventure that proliferated across social media channels, web and email marketing, as well as out-of-home at Pop Up Stores on Newbury St. in Boston, as well as in retail stores both domestic and international. 

I helped build Janji into a press-worthy brand— a local player with a global vision while simultaneously building lifestyle authenticity, primed for growth in the new performance fashion market. 

My favorite project that I got to work on was fully strategizing, designing, directing, and managing a new runjanji.com. Working with a group of developers lead by David Hamm, I created a new digital canvas for Janji’s fun, creative, and curious attitude to really shine.


I worked with Janji and photography agency Hazel & Pine for several seasons to shoot the brand's apparel line on location. Here are some photography I directed in Peru. I also directed shoots in Kenya and Guatemala. All digital photography below was shot and edited by Hazel & Pine.

I art directed and co-designed with Stoke Studios Janji's first ever printed lookbook that was distributed via mail, in many of Janji's retail stores, as well as its in-line pop up store on Newbury St. in Boston. 

Throughout my time at Janji I either art directed or designed various print materials from Point-of-Purchase to vinyl cut window graphics.